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► Agency Consultation & Clinical Supervision

In addition to working directly with clients, a great passion of mine is joining with new therapists and helping them grow and develop their craft, skills and knowledge. I am happy to talk with you about how we may work together to help you continue to develop your clinical skills and take the steps needed to obtain your independent license. 

I am a Qualified Clinical Supervisor in the states of New York and New Jersey. Consultation and Supervision services are predominantly in person.* I do provide these services for a very reasonable rate. Call to inquire.

**May 2021 Update:  My caseload for supervision is full at this time. Thus, I am not able to take on any new therapists for clinical supervision. This statement will be updated should this change. I sincerely wish you the best in your search for a qualified supervisor. 

-Jennifer Bame, LCSW



"We are pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Ms. Jennifer Bame. Ms. Bame joined EDNI Counseling Services, LLC on 5/16/18 as a clinical consultant providing clinical supervision to a number of our clinicians. Ms. Bame has excellent clinical skills and, in addition to her clinical insightfulness, our staff find her to be warm, supportive, and easy to talk to. Here at EDNI we value her clinical and administrative expertise, cooperation and willingness to lend the agency a hand when the agency is in need."

Nicole Lozano, MA, LPC

Clinical Director

EDNI Counseling Services, LLC

"Having Jennifer as my supervisor has been an amazing journey; her leadership is an inspiration to me as I continue to grow in my profession. We have established an effective working relationship through the years with encouragement and guidance. I am extremely blessed to be working with Jennifer and I hope to continue in the future."

Melissa Gosselin, LSW

Intensive In-Community Therapist

Edni Counseling Services, LLC

"My experience with Jennifer as my supervisor was an amazing journey. She always treated me with respect and great understanding, and yet helped me see my flaws and gently guided me to the right direction. Her nurturing approach encouraged me deeply to challenge myself without fear, and her validation was a joy and my peace of mind. I sincerely believe that Jennifer is capable of making anybody's life better and bringing peace."

Kazuko Nagafuchi, LSW

Intensive In-Community Therapist

Edni Counseling Services, LLC

"I worked with Jennifer Bame as my clinical supervisor. Jennifer was always open to discussing any and all challenges, transference, and counter-transference including cultural and gender effects. Jennifer was empathetic to feelings of frustration, worry and/or self-doubt. Jennifer was also empowering and extremely resourceful, due to her multitude of experiences, when facing struggles with resources or navigating the children's system of care. Most importantly Jennifer always provided the space for me to truly process my feelings and challenge myself."

Ghada Saleh, LAC

Intensive In-Community Therapist